Plan A

Plan A was built to help patients and providers select the best form of contraception. There are two features: the first for women who are looking to start a birth control method and the second for women who are trying to change their current birth control pill after experiencing side effects.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Zapier (to help with automation)
  • Postgres Database
  • Paperform (for data collection)

What We Did

Plan A was borne out of a collaboration with pharmacists at UCSF. The result was a small web application that fills a void: prescribing the correct contraception to women based on their individual needs.

Some Highlights

  • Used over 1500 times by clinicians and patients
  • Piloted at Kawaeh Medical Center in Fresno, CA
  • Used as educational tool at UCSF School of Pharmacy

What's Next

We're hoping to get this in the hands of more new clinicians and expand our ablility to tailor options for women and their contraceptive needs.

Interested in Plan A or the work we did?

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