Gratefulness sends a daily prompt on your favorite platform asking what you're grateful for. Responses are stored in a private, online journal.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Twilio (for text messaging)
  • React Native (for the iOS/Android app)
  • Zapier (to help with automation)
  • Postgres Database
  • Facebook Messenger (for chatbot)
  • Mandrill/Mailchimp (for email)
  • Paperform (for data collection)
  • Sidekiq, Redis
  • Stripe (for payment/donation collection)
  • Shopify (for ecommerce store)

What We Did

We initially built this app as a text-message only service. Users received a daily prompt asking what they're grateful for. They respond and we would store it in a private online journal. We then expanded to building an app, sending the message via email and via facebook chatbot.

Some Highlights

  • Featured on Product Hunt and Lifehacker
  • Over 800,000 gratitude entries to date
  • Almost 10,000 users
  • Nearly 1,000 daily entries

What's Next

We want to build out the features on the app and help our users better connect with the things that bring them the most happiness.

Interested in Gratefulness or the work we did?

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