Good Today

Good Today lets anyone in the world become a philanthropist with as little as one quarter a day. They are a 501c.3 non-profit platform making it easy and meaningful to give charity daily to hundreds of new causes and organizations across the globe.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Stripe (for payment collection)
  • Postgres Database (to store all of our data)
  • Klaviyo/Sendgri (for email)
  • ReactJS
  • Slack (to build custom app)

What We Did

We built this application from the ground up. The application allows individual users to sign themselves up or to gift a Good Today account to another. We also built the ability for companies to sign up their employees via email or through a slack app.

Some Highlights

  • Over $250,000 given to charities
  • Nearly 1000 users giving to charity daily

What's Next

We're continuing to build out new and creative ways to help users give to charity. Next up, we want to build out text messaging functionality so users can give via text. Then, we want to build out a facebook chatbot to do the same.

Interested in Good Today or the work we did?

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